Considering Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment? 5 Important Facts!

Senin, 19 November 2012

Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely consider an alternative breast cancer treatment.

1. Despite all of the advancements in medical technology, the many cancer organizations around the world, the millions of dollars raised to fight the disease each year, the intense expensive treatments which include chemotherapy, radiation, drugs and surgery... despite all of these things, the number of women dying of breast cancer continues to rise. Cancer takes the lives of over 50,000 women each year, which is more deaths from this disease now than every before in history.

2. Many women have actually died from the actual treatments and many women have a recurrence within 3-10 years of treatment. And let's not forget about the extreme side effects that these treatments cause. There is never any guarantee that radiation, chemotherapy, drugs and surgery treatments will work. It is basically a hit or miss, you have just as much chance of surviving as you do of not surviving. Because of this, many women are opting for an alternative cancer treatment.

3. Cancer cells do not multiply rapidly, so you have time to try an alternative breast cancer treatment. Doctors will make it seem like you have to act really fast or you will die within a very short time. This is not at all true. The breast cancer cells did not just appear that week. You have been living with these cancer cells in your body for a long time. Traditional breast cancer treatments should always be a last option, and in most cases is not necessary.

4. Most patients feel just fine until they are diagnosed and start to undergo treatment. That is when they begin to get sick. This is because the toxic treatments are severely compromising their immune systems ability to keep the body strong. Also, because the immune system is so weakened, other medical problems begin to surface, or previous problems will start to intensify. This coupled with the emotional stress of dealing with having cancer is what causes the body to break down rapidly.

5. Changing your diet and lifestyle is essential if you want to cure using an alternative breast cancer treatment. Many women get a recurrence of cancer because they complete the treatments, and then continue to eat the same diet and live the same lifestyle that caused the cancer to appear in the first place. Even during the treatments, they still continue to put toxic foods and chemicals in their bodies. Some make slight diet alterations, (ie baked chicken instead of steak) but this still is not enough. In order to cure cancer naturally, one must be willing to embrace an entirely new lifestyle.