Cancer Treatment Done Alternatively

Senin, 19 November 2012

One of the leading causes of death today is cancer. Basically, cancer is a disease that affects any part of the body. This occurs when a certain type of malignant cell forms in the body and later on exhibits an uncontrollable growth rate. The sudden surge in these cells eventually invades the body and can cause death in the later stages. Treatment for cancer has been researched for a long time now. Up to this day, not all types of cancer can be cured.

For a cancer patient, research is on top of the to-do list. Choosing which treatment to go to is a major decision. Popular cancer treatment methods are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

With chemotherapy, a patient is subjected to substances that will get rid of the cells and control its spread. The primary objective of chemotherapy is to control and if possible, to eliminate the malignant cells. It will target the part of the cell that enables it to divide and thrive in other parts of the body.

The second option is the radiation treatment or sometimes called as the radiation oncology. This kind of treatment maximizes the abilities of an ionizing radiation. Just like chemotherapy, the objective of the radiation treatment is to control the growth of the malignant cells. Radiation oncology is also used when the objective is no longer focused on the cure but on the relief of the patient alone.

Finally, there is the surgery. Particularly called as the surgical oncology, this is the cancer treatment that is focused on removing the malignant cells by physically creating an incision and having it surgically removed.

There are just some of options to choose from. The problem with these treatments is that most of these are very expensive and promises no certainty. A patient can spend a lot of money but still end up on the same condition. In fact, the success rate for these treatments is a very slim 4%. The rest die because of the complications that these treatments come with.

Thankfully, there are alternative cancer treatments available today. These treatments are usually the type that does not involve a meticulous medical approach. The effectiveness of alternative treatments is proven even in the ancient times.

For example, there is an "anti-cancer drink" that is used in China. This special drink is the type that gets rid of proteases, the enzymes that are known to cause cancer. The anti-cancer drink does not cost much as compared to the medical treatments available. In fact, this healing tonic was proven to be really effective after a thorough study in the Harvard School of Public Health. This treatment can even be administered at home and can work on any stage of cancer.

Also, there is a treatment coming from Japan. This type of alternative cancer treatment aims to boost the immune system and get the white blood cells moving. When the white blood cells are stimulated, the immune system is likewise improved. Just like the treatment from China, it is safe, effective and inexpensive.

These alternative cancer treatments are just examples that cancer can be improved even without the medical procedures. Make progress and develop the condition without the expense and the complications with alternative treatments.